Directorate of Public Works

The GGTC DPW is the Engineering advisor to the Commander. The mission of the DPW is to maintain and sustain all GGTC Real Property located at FT Stewart, Georgia, ensure environmental compliance, and to superintend all construction projects located within the GGTC area.

Work Order Priorities

Priority 1: Emergency
Gas leaks, major utilities service failures, broken electrical components that could cause fire or shock, broken water or steam pipes, spills of hazardous or toxic substances, accidental lock-ins of small children, stopped up commodes (when only one is available for use) or when roto-rooter service is required. Normal response time for Priority 1: Emergency is immediately, if possible, or within one hour, depending upon the situation. Once started, work will continue until complete, the emergency is terminated or the priority is downgraded.

Priority 2: Urgent
Heating and warm water supply outage, air conditioning system failure, functional failure of ranges and refrigerators. Response time for Priority 2: Urgent may vary from 2 hours to 72 hours, depending upon availability of craftsman and relative urgency.

Priority 3: Routine
Work not meeting criteria for Priority 1 or Priority 2. This work, if not accomplished, merely constitutes an inconvenience or unsightly condition. Service orders in this category will generally be grouped by geographical area for accomplishment in the most economical manner, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Points of Contact

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Facility Engineer
Mr. Joey Waters
Assistant Facility Engineer
Mr. Travis Wimberly
Structures Supervisor
Mr. Glen Golden
Roads & Grounds Supervisor